The Brand

We are a company that was born from two best friends who by fate know each other in England. Stefania, a Colombian, and Ana Paula, a Mexican, thought they would never see each other again, but life makes them sisters and they build a common dream where they put their DNAs together to create Vala Blanca.

Vala in ancient Hindu, means demon and Blanca means white, light, creation, harmony. We strongly believe that in order to know your light, you have to know your darkness, the world is not divided into good and bad, we are simple white demons living this thing called life.

Our Contribution
in the World

Vala Blanca is a socially responsible company with a commitment to sustainable fashion without compromising the quality and aesthetics of our products.

We are able to achieve this by using high-quality, recycled, and eco-materials in almost the entirety of our shoe line. All of our shoes are comprised of at least 60% and up to 100% recycled synthetic leather (RECOS), which allows us to minimize our environmental footprint while also contributing to the reduction of waste emissions.

In addition to this, a percentage of all the profits from each collection is used to support charitable foundations in Latin America that contribute to the preservation of our natural ecosystems and all of the fauna and population that inhabits them.

Our Team

CEO Administrative and Customer Service Director

Stefania Cristancho Celis

Shoes are the footprints you leave in the world. Full of adventure, energy, and always wanting to do my bit in the world, I invite you to know that you are buying a piece made with love by master craftsmen, which will contribute to different social causes to make a better world.
CEO Creative Director and Designer

Ana Paula Cordero Mercado

Shoes are not a simple object, they are art, a companion of life, the way of walking produces certain wear and tear in certain places more than in others, the shoe for me is the essence of accessories when dressing.
Production Manager

Alfredo Rodríguez S.

Working at Vala Blanca for me has been the opportunity to freely develop my creativity and ideas, in an environment of respect and trust. I can express all my ideas and thus do my part to offer a fashion product of excellent quality.
Working in the shoes industry has meant being reborn into a world full of challenges and has taught me that you can work on something that you love, like and that fills you with satisfaction.